BSD Investing offers fund selection tools, active / passive fund recommendations and rankings to build efficient active/passive funds portfolios to enhance portfolio performance

Discover each quarter during one year our best fund leaderboards of our 70 universes of European domicilied funds: BSD Investing Best Active funds & BSD Investing Best Active & Passive funds and BSD Investing Best Passive funds. Thanks to BSD Investing proprietary methodology, all funds either index or non-index can, now, be ranked together taking into account all their specificities (costs, performance, impact of stock selection either when creating the index or managing the portfolio on performance...). We have put in place two types of rankings based on BSD Investing unique proprietary database aiming at giving a fair view between active and passive fund performances.
  • BEST BSD INVESTING ACTIVE FUNDS: top 15 active funds showing the highest outperformance consistency vs passive funds following the same benchmark.
  • BEST BSD INVESTING MIXED FUNDS: top 15 active & passive funds showing the best risk adjusted historical performance.
  • BEST BSD INVESTING PASSIVE FUNDS: top 15 passive funds showing the best index tracking characteristics (including ETFs).

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