BSD Investing offers standard or on-demand fund selection and portfolio construction services:

Active/Passive fund selection

Based on its unique proprietary database and analysis tool, access to more than 31 universes Active/Passive fund recommendation and leaderboards to select the best active funds and ETFs. Custom analysis can also be done on demand for any investment universe according to client needs. Read more​ or contact us for more details.

Model Portfolios

BSD Investing, independent expert in Active/Passive fund allocation has partnered with L’Allocataire, independent expert in asset allocation to offer clients model portfolios based on the best of both worlds for portfolio construction. Read more​

On demand solution to implement our portfolio allocations​

A turnkey solution for implementing our portfolio allocations is also available via the discretionary management offers developed by our partner management companies​​

On demand Consulting Services​

Thanks to our proprietary database, BSD Investing is the reference in terms of active vs passive fund allocation independent research publications. We help professionals to have a fair Active/Passive fund view on standard or custom investment universes. We also help all asset management industry actors from professionals to financial associations and regulators building a fair view on the active/passive fund topic and trends in the industry. ​

Our newsletter​

Our newletter gives access to all the latest information about active/ passive funds, performances, flows, assets, focus sustainable funds…. ​​

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