What role for Smart Beta      in portfolio construction?      Newsletter   

Newsletter: What role for Smart Beta in portfolio construction?

What role for Smart Beta in portfolio construction?

  Active funds vs ETFs:     BSD investing white paper for a fair choice     to build outperforming portfolios      Newsletter   

Newsletter – BSD Investing white paper

What are the issues surrounding existing relative performance comparison calculations? What are the solutions to correct and improve the process? What is the contribution of this innovative approach and why the need to use it to build optimal portfolios?

  Introducing BSD Investing & L’Allocataire     new model portfolios      Newsletter   

Newsletter – NEW BSD Investing & L’Allocataire model portfolio offer

  Click here to discover the offer – Thursday 9 June 2022 – Introducing BSD Investing & L’Allocataire new model […]

  Active funds vs ETFs: Did Eurozone equity      funds benefit from the market recovery     In March 2022?      Newsletter   

Newsletter – Wednesday, 6th April 2022

In March 2022, against a backdrop of a rebound in the equity market, Eurozone equity funds experienced massive outflows. Unlike the previous 2 months, these outflows affect both active and passive funds. However, since the beginning of the year, the outflows of passive funds remain half those of active funds: respectively -2.4 billion euros against -4.7 billion euros (Sources: BSD investing, Morningstar 31/3/22).