😉The wink #1 : what’s gender equality looks like in the mutual fund industry ?

3 March 2021

1. 16 dedicated funds Worldwide (Source Morningstar End of Feb 2021) with Assets under Management €2.2bn +82% vs Feb 2020
2. A third of the assets are in passive funds. Both active & passive fund assets are equally growing
3. Majority of Assets are in Europe: 56% and 9 funds
4. Europe represents 71% of Worldwide gender equality flows over 1 year (from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021)
5. 61% of those flows come from active funds in Europe

✔️As for overall sustainable funds, in gender equality too, Europe is leading the way driven by dynamic active and passive fund flows.
✔️This demonstrates that both active engagement and passive indexations can be used to have a sustainable impact.

👉Even if anecdotal, these data confirm that in ESG, too, both active & passive funds have a role to play to help investors build an efficient portfolio aligned with long-term sustainable goals.

Marlene Hassine Konqui