Which European equity income funds rank top in BSD Investing Best Fund Leaderboards ?

7 August 2023

BSD Investing has developed leaderboards allowing to rank funds based on its unique proprietary database and research in the field aiming at giving a fair view between active and passive fund performances. This results in significantly different outcomes in terms of the balance between active and passive management than what is commonly accepted in the industry. Our approach corrects significant biases from previous studies available to investors by shedding light on the latest academic and empirical research on the subject. This approach is the result of numerous years of accumulated experience from two experts in fund selection and asset allocation. The outcome of this collaboration gave rise to a new fund selection methodology oriented towards portfolio construction.

In BSD investing & L’Allocataire proprietary methodology, ETFs that do not follow a traditional passive benchmark (Factor, ESG, Thematic..) are included in active fund universes and compared to passive funds following a broader traditional benchmark in order to assess the relevance and suitability of the strategy. The choice of the benchmark will depend on the geographic exposition of the strategy to compare those funds and group them according to their unique commonality, their initial investment universe.  Those ETFs with multiple geographic exposures should be compared to a broad market index with a global exposure, i.e. the MSCI ACWI index. Read all the details about our new methodology in the following article: “What role for active ETFs in portfolio construction

We have put in place two types of rankings:

 BSD INVESTING ACTIVE FUNDS LEADERBOARD: top 15 index and non index funds showing the highest outperformance consistency vs passive funds following the same benchmark. Our screening is based on short to middle term (1,3,5 years) active funds outperformance consistency vs passive funds.

 BSD INVESTING MIXED FUNDS LEADERBOARD: top 15 active & passive funds showing the best risk adjusted historical performance. 

Below the BSD Investing Active funds leaderboard on Europe equity income funds including both index funds (including actively managed ETFs as defined by our methodology- see above) and non index funds.

Best index or non-index European equity income funds

BSD Investing active fund leaderboard
Fund Strategy detail YTD return 1-year return 3-year return 5-year return 5-year volatility Non Index fund Index fund
Franklin European Quality Dividend UCITS ETF Dividend Investors: Keep Calm and Carry On (Professionals only)6.0%6.0%35.7%28.0%15.7%
WisdomTree Europe Equity Income UCITS ETF Quality Dividend Growth Video11.5%12.4%40.0%15.6%18.6%
Amundi NA10.6%10.5%42.4%40.0%17.7%
DanskeNA 8.8%9.4%34.0%33.8%16.7%
Deka ETFNA13.7%17.3%54.2%39.6%19.5%
Fidelity ETFNA12.7%8.8%27.8%33.0%17.0%
GS NA 11.2%10.0%41.0%32.9%17.6%
HAL NA 11.7%4.5%15.7%9.7%17.9%
Invesco NA 11.0%12.5%42.1%18.1%18.7%
iShares ETFNA 12.6%7.5%47.0%41.3%17.9%
JPM FundNA 9.5%9.9%37.9%16.0%17.4%
Lyxor ETFNA5.8%6.3%37.4%0.0%NA
SchroderNA 16.6%12.1%53.9%16.7%19.6%
SEBinvest NA 15.5%8.1%31.5%15.5%17.5%
Source : Morningstar and BSD investing data from 30/06/2013 to 29/07/2023, BSD Investing rank based on 3-year, 5-year, 10-year outperformance consistency calculated as the % of time monthly spreads vs the passive benchmark were positive., the best fund percentage is obtained by the division between the number of days as best fund and the fund lifetime.
Marlene Hassine Konqui