Building efficient ESG portfolios      Food for thoughts   

How to overcome ESG based asset allocation challenges?

ESG investing has grown rapidly in the last decade and has now a place of choice in investors portfolios.This arises […]

  Discover what lies beneath     crypto currencies      Food for thoughts   

All Cryptos are not currency

Many people, including some professional investors, still think that all cryptoassets are currencies. To capture the breadth, depth, and evolution […]

  What role for active ETFs     in portfolio construction?      Food for thoughts   

Active ETFs in Europe: A mirage of best of both worlds or an unknown reality? The truth is out there

What defines an active ETF? What value they may add to an asset allocation? Are Active ETFs similar in U.S and in Europe?

  Factors or sectors, which building blocs for      a better allocation ?      Food for thoughts   

Factors or sectors, what drives the stock markets ?

Several philosophies and academic approaches exist to build portfolios. The choice of the theoretical framework is the first challenge that […]

  Geopolitical Risks/Portfolio Construction      Food for thoughts   

Geopolitical Risks and Portfolio Construction: The Obvious mistakes

A military invasion, a war by proxy, or a commercial war, How to build a bulletproof portfolio that can resist […]

  What sustainability objective can be     reached through ETF ?      Food for thoughts   

ETF’s Sustainability is gathering momentum

The ETF market is seeing the surge of a wave of responsible investments. The development of ESG ETF has been […]