ESG investments at the crossroads      Sustainable Flows   

ESG YTD performance and market structure 

Can we continue talking of an ESG factor following 2022 underperformance? How ESG indices performed in 2023 year to date and why? What have been the impact on fund flows?   Did the greening of portfolios continue in 2023? We answer all those questions in this article and take an in-depth look to ESG (sustainable) market structure both for equity and fixed income assets with a split between index and non-index funds.  

   Food for thoughts   

Are crypto ETPs a growing part of investors’ portfolios?

What are the implications of this upgrade for investors?  have crypto assets confirmed their stake in investors’ portfolios? Have crypto flows rebounded? Toward which crypto segments flows have been going year to date? What crypto asset sector has performed best in 2023?

  What place for active ETFs     in portfolio construction?      Food for thoughts   

What place for Active ETFs in investors’ portfolios?

What share for active ETFs in investors’ portfolios worldwide? Are European portfolios following the same trend as those of American investors? What is the real place of active ETFs in investors’ portfolios?

  Have investors regain interest toward Smart      Beta and factor strategies      so far this year?      Food for thoughts   

Factor or sector, active or index funds: who are the winners so far in 2022?

Have investors favoured factor or sector strategies in this chaotic context? What is the place of smart beta in investors’ portfolios?  Has the turbulent economic and financial context of 2022 called into question investors’ appetite for sustainable investing?  What happened in August on the flows?

  Active funds vs ETFs : what have investors     favored so far in 2021?      Flows   

Active funds vs ETFs in Europe: flow review so far in 2021

Have investors favored active management or ETFs in the third quarter of 2021? Do they prefer active management or ETFs to invest in sustainable funds? What about flows to traditional funds?

img Newsletter – focus Portfolio Construction

Newsletter – focus Portfolio Construction

BSD Investing, the independent expert in active/passive fund allocation and L’Allocataire, the independent expert in asset allocation, offer semimonthly, a regular update with the latest news about portfolio construction to help investors enhance portfolio returns.

  Active vs passive funds:     what investors did during H1 2022?      Food for thoughts   

Active vs passive funds: what did investors do during the first half of 2022?

How to analyse what investors have done during this turbulent semester in the financial markets? Did they prefer active management or passive management? Is this a harbinger of a change in trend, or just a temporary rebalancing after two years marked by the Covid 9 pandemic?  

  Do sustainable active funds vs ETFs     continue to attract inflows      in Q1 2022      Sustainable Flows   

Active funds vs ETFs: Are investors’ portfolios more sustainable? 

Did investors continue to focus on active management or ETFs for sustainable investments in the first quarter of 2022? Article 8 or 9 sustainable funds: where are the assets of ETFs vs active funds? Is the increase of sustainable fund assets accompanied by a change in fund benchmarks?

  Positive flows into      passive funds in February 2022      Flows   

Active funds vs ETFs: in a context of geopolitical crisis, what allocation choices did investors make?

Did investors prefer active management or ETFs in February 2022?  In which geographical areas or strategies have the flows been concentrated?   What impact for portfolio construction?

  Focus on Eurozone     equity funds      Food for thoughts   

Active funds vs ETFs: Did Eurozone equity funds benefit from the market recovery in March 2022?

Did investors favour active management or ETFs on Eurozone equities in March 2022?  How have active funds vs. ETFs performed in this segment?  What impact for portfolio construction?