What should we remember from 2022 active      fund vs ETF performance to improve      portfolio performance?       Performances   

Active fund vs ETF in 2022: Who is the winner?

For the full year 2022, 36% of active managers outperformed passive management. This figure masks a contrasting situation throughout the […]

  What place for active ETFs     in portfolio construction?      Food for thoughts   

What place for Active ETFs in investors’ portfolios?

What share for active ETFs in investors’ portfolios worldwide? Are European portfolios following the same trend as those of American investors? What is the real place of active ETFs in investors’ portfolios?

  What role for active ETFs     in portfolio construction?      Food for thoughts   

Active ETFs in Europe: A mirage of best of both worlds or an unknown reality? The truth is out there

What defines an active ETF? What value they may add to an asset allocation? Are Active ETFs similar in U.S and in Europe?

  Should smart beta or sector strategies     be prefered in 2022?      Food for thoughts   

Active or index funds: have we seen a return to favor of Smart Beta strategies since the beginning of the year?

Marlene Hassine Konqui, member of the SFAF ETF commission, and Ahmed Khelifa, chairman of the ETF commission, provide an update on investor interest in Smart Beta strategies in the chaotic context of 2022, as well as their role in portfolio construction.

  What role for Smart Beta      in portfolio construction?      Newsletter   

Newsletter: What role for Smart Beta in portfolio construction?

What role for Smart Beta in portfolio construction?

  Have investors regain interest toward Smart      Beta and factor strategies      so far this year?      Food for thoughts   

Factor or sector, active or index funds: who are the winners so far in 2022?

Have investors favoured factor or sector strategies in this chaotic context? What is the place of smart beta in investors’ portfolios?  Has the turbulent economic and financial context of 2022 called into question investors’ appetite for sustainable investing?  What happened in August on the flows?

  Active funds vs ETFs : what have investors     favored so far in 2021?      Flows   

Active funds vs ETFs in Europe: flow review so far in 2021

Have investors favored active management or ETFs in the third quarter of 2021? Do they prefer active management or ETFs to invest in sustainable funds? What about flows to traditional funds?

  Response to SPIVA and Morningstar      Food for thoughts   

Seeking a fair performance comparison between active and passive funds

Marlene Hassine Konqui, CEO of BSD Investing questions SPIVA and Morningstar methodologies to compare active vs passive fund performances

  How to fairly allocate between      active and passive funds?      Food for thoughts   

BSD Investing research: Issues and solutions to build optimal portfolios

What are the issues of existing active vs passive fund performance comparisons? What are the solutions? How to build optimal portfolios?

  Active vs passive funds:     what investors did during H1 2022?      Food for thoughts   

Active vs passive funds: what did investors do during the first half of 2022?

How to analyse what investors have done during this turbulent semester in the financial markets? Did they prefer active management or passive management? Is this a harbinger of a change in trend, or just a temporary rebalancing after two years marked by the Covid 9 pandemic?